When you combine the power of AI and automation with facial recognition technology, the potential uses are limitless

Whether you are using our timekeeping & compliance solution or integrating our facial recognition and AI algorithms with your IoT devices, we are pushing the boundaries to develop what comes next. And, with a full team of professional developers on our team, we can customize facial recognition and AI automation to solve your business needs.


Gander Timekeeping & Compliance

Using our mobile app, employees clock in and out by simply looking at their phone. Gander’s patent-pending facial recognition technology satisfies timekeeping, compliance and reporting requirements.

Gander Custom Integrations

Integrate Gander’s facial recognition technology with your products, devices and equipment to add facial recognition and customizable automation.

How Gander.Ai’s facial recognition technology works

Gander uses the latest in facial recognition technology combined with proprietary AI algorithms and machine learning to solve for the ins and outs. From clocking in and out to controlling access to high-security areas, recognizing members upon entrance and notifying personnel of their arrivals, and so much more.

1. Image Capture

Mobile app captures image on employee device with time stamp and geo location.

2. Recognize

The single identification - a Recognit - of an individual immediately upon clocking in or out.

Facial recognition camera

3. Authenticate

Gander’s cloud based software platform validates the employee and their location - even if the employee is wearing a mask or other safety gear.

4. Automate

Gander's Work Smart Automations can be configured to send reminders for meal and rest breaks; all recorded on our powerful dashboard for compliance.

We know how to apply facial recognition technology to address everyday business problems


The average weekly “theft” of time is more than 4 hours per week per employee. This includes long lunches and breaks, tardiness, early departures, etc..


Facial recognition is the most accurate of the biometric solutions. Gander.Ai provides both development and maintenance programming teams at your disposal.

Solve today’s recognition challenges with Gander Timekeeping & Integrations

Do you have a remote workforce?

The Gander mobile app verifies the employee identity, location and time for all the ins and outs. Employers can configure a geofence around their locations to ensure that employees can only clock in and out from the specific location. 

Is your payroll data accurate? Can you demonstrate compliance with local labor laws?

Paper timesheets are a liability because they can be manipulated with no record of the changes made. Gander provides an unalterable, searchable record of employees that can be viewed in the manager dashboard from any location. The Gander solution captures searchable daily documentation for hours worked including rest and meal breaks to demonstrate compliance.

Would you like to improve your customer service?

According to Google, there are 86 million people signed up for various loyalty programs. How could you improve our service if you could identify your loyal customers when they visit your business?

Do you have a product that can benefit from facial recognition?

Adding this cutting-edge technology to your product could be the defining competitive advantage you are looking to capture. Leveraging the Gander SDK quickly makes the possibility a reality.